要写英文简历,麻烦帮我翻译一下以下文字~ (2022)

1.During the college period,I have joined the Drama Club,the Cartoon Club and the Taiji Club.
2.I'm serious about my work,ready to meet challenges,good at innovation and have a strong awareness of responsibility.
3.From Sep.2009 to Jun.2010,I was incharge of the publicity and distribution of English Weekly in my school.
4.From 2008 to 2009,I worked as a journalist for Public Reading and have conducted interviews many times.
5.From 2008 to 2010,I worked as the head of the Cosmetics Ministry of the Drama club and was in charge of the cosmetic and styling work for the club.In 2009,our club put on a Chinese clothing show in the Sino-Korean Cultural Communication Party organized by our school.
In the aspect of character: I honest, and integrity,and trustworthy, and kind ,and stable; in work aspects: I practical Ken dry, and hard, on work seriously is responsible for, and not shirk responsibility, work structured clear, and has patience, can assume sole responsibility for, on environment of adapted of capacity strong, has better of team collaboration capacity, and language expression capacity and personal affinity; in life aspects: I character cheerful, and humor funny, life attitude active up, at make new of friends.
I graduated from East University of Heilongjiang Korean specialty, English level Four certificate, a certificate ofPutonghua, level three Certificate in Korean, during the university did a variety of part-time, including Taiwandessert shop cashier, Changhong mobile phone Samsungmobile phone sales, outgoing personality and lively,language expression and communication ability, good at getting along with people, began to work from the big foursemester, one and a half years sales work experience,work dependable assiduous, obtained the leadership and customers have been rated as outstanding consultants
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我需要写英文简历,请帮我翻译下自我评价我要英文翻译,麻烦帮个忙,不要用机器翻译过的给我,它的翻译不准确.谢谢.● 我内向,但为人坦率.虽然沟通能... - 作业帮
——[答案] ● I am introverted, but candor. , But was always affable and communication skills. ● I can not adapt to the faster speech rate of exchange, but there is great sincerity to get along with your partner. ● When I encounter difficulties in life or work, regarded as ...
要写英文简历,麻烦大家帮忙翻译一下 -
—— 1.Answering the business consulting about electronic tickets from visitors and the sales units, branch corporation, sales department;2, Responsible for ticket state changes, handling and coordinating on related errors;3, Making statistical data from time to time;
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—— Responsibilities: responsible for the corporate culture, recruiting and training new employees, establish and perfect the company's management system, and supervision and implementation, coordination of financial instruments, financial executive...
麻烦帮我翻译一下英文简历 -
—— Education background(教育背景):2004 to 2008 Harbin normal university economic college of economics specialty2008 to 2011 Inner Mongolia normal university school of history and culture of modern China professionalComputer level(计算...
—— 毕业后,那段找不到工作的时间是我生命中最艰难的时刻,但也是最锻炼人的时刻.从中我学会了如何正确地面对困难和生活.参加工作后,不算多的社会经历更让我明白...
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急!要写英文简历@麻烦翻译一下 -
—— In the summer of 2005, Hangzhou City Health Bureau and the Second City People's Hospital social practice For area residents to develop a healthy file to the implementation of the health of residents in the face of community intervention In the ...
—— Industry: Intermediary Responsibilities: Client Manager provides businesses with the highest quality human resources work responsibilities and performance: 1, by telephone to develop new customers, maintain existing customers. Customers in the ...
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—— Educational background.work experience. Curriculum. Self assessment
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想要做一份英文简历,但是很多词不知道怎么翻译,麻烦英语高手帮忙翻译一下. -
—— 1 self introduction: I graduated from XX school in 2013, I was a positive and optimistic, self-motivated and strong responsibility, in university period, I have served as a labor member, vicemonitor and basketball association director, student cadres, ...


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