第13回中学生英語スピーチ大会:受賞者一覧・英語スピーチ内容 (2022)



西村 聡、木俣 勇哉勝山1年
吉田 路西ノ岡2年
東 蓮太朗寺戸3年


江口 あすか、樽谷 樹葉西ノ岡1年
藤原 星羅西ノ岡2年
服部 花厘寺戸3年


清水 歩美、中地 結璃愛寺戸1年
堀江 政弘西ノ岡2年
坂下 絵美華勝山3年


You are Kaguya boy.(君はかぐやボーイだ。)」西村 聡、木俣 勇哉(勝山中学1年生)

A: Excuse me, where’s the Muko City Astronomy Observatory? I’m lost.
B: Oh, it’s next to Muko Shrine.
A: Is that far from here? Do I take the bus?
B: Don’t worry, it’s near! Go straight, and turn left at the next traffic light.
A: That traffic light on the corner?
B: Right! Then walk about three minutes.
A: Is the observatory on the left or the right?
B: On the left, next to the tall tree. Well, follow me, please.
A: Thank you! I got my rocket!
B: Your rocket? Wow! That bamboo is so dazzling!
A: Thank you very much! Now I can go home. I can go to the moon!
B: …?
A: Just as I thought, humans are so kind.
A: すみません。向日市天文館はどこですか。迷ってしまいました。
B: ああ、向日神社の隣ですよ。
A: ここから遠いですか。バスに乗るんですか。
B: 心配しないで、近いですよ。まっすぐ行って、次の信号を左に曲がってください。
A: 角のあの信号ですか。
B: そうです。それから3分ほど歩いてください。
A: 天文館は右側ですか、左側ですか。
B: 左側で、大きな木の隣ですよ。ええっと、ぼくについてきてください。
A: ありがとう!私のロケットがあった!
B: 君のロケット?うわあ。あの竹、まぶしい!
A: 本当にありがとう。これで家に帰れます。月へ帰れます!
B: …?
A: やっぱり、地球人はとても親切だ。

「Alone(ひとりきり)」吉田 路(西ノ岡中学2年生)


「The Fading of Cultures (消えゆく文化)」東 蓮太朗(寺戸中学3年生)

I like watching movies very much. Especially I like foreign movies. Because I learn a lot about foreign cultures. If you watched an American movie, it should make you feel like being in the United States. It is a completely different culture from what you know.
(Video) 第6回スピーチコンテスト 最優秀賞(令和元年11月3日)
What is “culture"? Culture has many aspects like language, religion, arts, and customs and so on. Culture is a lifestyle. And they are shared by a particular group of people. How many cultures are there in the world? Some say 9 but others say 90 thousand. It is said that there are about 6,500 languages in the world, so I think the number of 90 thousand is not so unrealistic. Isn't it exciting to know there are 90 thousand different cultures around the world which you are not familiar with?
I think most people agree that learning other cultures is fun. And it is no doubt that to protect cultures is important. But sometimes the difference between cultures is not respected and creates hatred. Recently I watched news that some historical and religious heritages were destroyed by extremists. Sadly, we human have wars between different cultures for a long time. Moreover we often hear the word ”Globalization” these days. This “Globalization” makes our lifestyle change, everyone in the world is to take up similar lifestyles. Do you know that many countries are losing some part of their culture day by day? For example, it is said that the number of languages will be cut in half at the beginning of the 22nd century. Our world is always changing and new things are being created. But we are also losing something at the same time.
I think there is no right or wrong in cultures. It is only understanding of and respect that we must have for other cultures. By protecting our own culture and by accepting new ideas, I hope there is no collisions of culture someday. And everyone in the world will feel happy everyday.
Please imagine “How would it be like if there was only one culture in the world?”

「HALLOWEEN FOR KIDS(子どもたちのためのハロウィーン)」江口 あすか、樽谷 樹葉(西ノ岡中学1年生)

A: Here we are. This is the Halloween party for kids!
B: It's very crowded. There are a lot of kids in their Halloween costumes!
A: What are they doing in that house? Are they helping their mother?
B: No, they aren't. They are carrying pumpkin baskets. Kids say "Trick or treat", then people from the houses give them candies.
A: Woh! That's great. I love to do that.
B: Look! It says, "Trick or treating only for 12 years old and below". We're 13 years old now.
A: That's too bad.
B: Don't worry! Let's just watch the Vampire movie at my house. We can see the cutest vampire ever.
A: All right. Let's go!
(Video) 中学生英語スピーチコンテスト2019年度上位入賞者のスピーチ動画
A:あの家の中で何をしているの? お母さんを手伝っているのかい?
B:いいえ。 彼らはかぼちゃのかごを運んでいるのだよ。 子どもたちが「おかしをくれないといたずらするぞ」と言うと、家の人たちが飴をくれるんだ。

「Grandma Baba and her Friends on a Sleigh(そりにのった ばばばあちゃんと 友だち)」藤原 星羅(西ノ岡中学2年生)


「Japan, As Seen From the World(世界から見た日本)」服部 花厘(寺戸中学3年生)

First, Japan is safe. There are vending machines in the city. Vending machines are proof that Japan is safe. In a country which isn't safe, people steal vending machines. And, that's why, also, The Summit Conference, where the world leaders gather, is going to be held in Iseshima,Japan, next year.
Second, Japanese people are honest. To arrive five minutes before for work or school is not surprising. Moreover, the Japanese are very serious about their work.
Third, Japanese “Omotenashi”. “Omotenashi” is like a motto for the Tokyo Olympics. It is taken for granted in Japan. But “Omotenashi” is appreciated by foreigners. Please remember this when you go to some stores. Have you experienced this before? Once, in Manila, a clerk was talking with another clerk and she didn't notice me. When I went to the supermarket. And I wasn't greeted with a smile. I think this is rare in Japan. It hardly ever happens. However, this isn't strange in overseas. That's why, foreigners are so surprised at Japan's excellent hospitality. We can be proud of “Omotenashi”.
However, I think any great country has some improvement points. For example, The Japanese can't say “NO” clearly when we want to deny or refuse something. We regard this as being modest. I don't think being modest is bad. But some foreigners think Japanese people are not good at self-assertion and self-expression. But these are necessary to increase the businesses with people all over the world. So now is the time for the Japanese people to strive to be more confident and assertive, in order to do better in the business world.
As I mentioned, Japan has many good points, which I told you about already. If Japanese people can express themselves more and more in the world, then we can be even more proud of Japan.
Where are you from? I'm from Japan.
(Video) 全国優勝スピーチ “The Disabled” / 全英連第8回全国高等学校英語スピーチコンテスト (National English Speech Contest)
Where are you from? I'm from Japan.

「Where is Muko Shrine?(向日神社はどこ?)」清水 歩美、中地 結璃愛(寺戸中学1年生)

A: Excuse me, where is Muko Shrine?
B: Oh, it's on Saigoku Street.
A: Is that far from here? Should I take the bus?
B: Don't worry, it's near! Go straight, and turn right…
A: Stop! Please speak more slowly.
B: OK. Go straight, and turn right at the supermarket.
A: Mmm… Is it “Kanzakiya”?
B: Right! Then walk about five minutes. You can see the entrance of Muko Shrine.
A: Is Muko Shrine on the left or on the right?
B: It's at the end of the road.
A: Just go straight?
B: Yes!
A: Thank you!
B: By the way, why do you know “Kanzakiya”?
A: It's near my grandparents' house.
B: What? So you must know where Muko Shrine is!
A: すみません、向日神社はどこですか?
B: 西国街道にありますよ。
A: ここから遠いですか?バスに乗らないといけませんか?
B: 心配しなくても近くですよ。まっすぐ行って、右に曲がって…
A: 待って!もう少しゆっくりしゃべってください。
B: わかりました。まっすぐ行ってスーパーを右に曲がってください。
A: うーんと、それは神崎屋ですか?
B: そうです。それから5分くらい歩きます。そうすれば向日神社の鳥居が見えてきます。
A: 向日神社は左か右、どっちですか?
B: どんつきです。
A: まっすぐ行ったらいいですか?
B: はい。
A: ありがとうございます。
B: ところでなんで神崎屋を知っているんですか?
A: 祖父母の家の近くなんです。
B: それなら知ってるはずでしょ!

「Red Demon and Blue Demon(赤おに と 青おに))」堀江 政弘(西ノ岡中学2年生)

(Video) 第53回 全日本ECC英語スピーチコンテスト

「Another point of view(別の視点で)」坂下 絵美華(勝山中学3年生)

"Oh, no! I changed my mind again. Why do I always change my mind?" I don't like myself or my way of thinking. I'm so weak. Recently I'm so negative that I often think I don't want to do it, I don't want to do it. For example, I don't want to practice ballet, I don't want to enter this speech contest.
But I couldn't stop practicing ballet, and I'm here to make my English speech. After all, I have changed my mind. "I'm so weak." This kind of thinking makes me depressed.
One summer day, I watched a TV program only to kill time. I happened to watch the local news. An old woman completing a full marathon talked to the interviewer. She said, "Running is fun for me. I love running. Time is not important. For me running itself is the most important." An idea came to mind. I asked to myself, "Do I like ballet? Do I like English?" I answered, "Of course I do." Again I asked, "Do I enjoy ballet? Do I enjoy English?" The answer was" I'm afraid I don't!"
I found my problem. I thought about only the result, not the process. At first I liked to practice ballet and English. It was fun. Nowadays, I only think of the result: taking the leading role on the concert or winning the first prize on the contest. I forgot to enjoy ballet and English.
I have found another point of view. If I find something interesting, I will try it and enjoy it. Now I have motivation. I don't have to care about the results. Let's enjoy the process.
(Video) 子供のスピーチコンテスト対策【高評価を得るための3つのポイント】【英語声#134】
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